Beat The Clock


Beat The Clock


This is a normal game using the usual 2 goals but one major difference is that there are no goalkeepers

  1. Corners and throw ins are allowed although throw ins are used as pass ins
  2. Players are encouraged to express themselves and attack
  3. Teams attack opponents goal, when a goal is scored that team immediately attacks the opposite goal they were previously defending
  4. Have a time limit for them to score as many goals as they can
  5. Add different pass combos
  6. Add different runs for example Overlaps and Underlaps
  7. Add skill points
  8. Remember to always challenge them

Coaching Points

  1. Spread out and find the open space
  2. Remember players arent ghosts
  3. Keep the ball if a pass can’t be found, can they attack and express themselves by dribbling
  4. Head up
  5. Awareness
  6. Acceleration

Beat The Clock.


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