League Cup Final

WOW, it is very rare that the League Cup Final generates a game of this standard !, if you look over the past 2 years it has been the time of the Underdog with last year being Birmingham getting the late winner and this year Cardiff doing brilliantly to never give up , if there was ever a game that shows the true passion of football then it is this one ! Well Done Cardiff ! whatever happens you have a brilliant account for yourselves !, And now to a Penalty Shoot-out and wow three missed straight away, one of whom Charlie Adam who for Blackpool scored 8 out of 9 penalties and this time he blazed it crazily over and with Steven Gerrard already missing it just shows the effect a final can have even on the most experienced of Professionals. There have been some poor penalties in this shootout it is an awful way to lose but unfortunately a game has to be lost somehow. I remember playing in a 5 a side tournament when i was 12 yrs old for a local team called Bramley Juniors in which i missed a vital penalty in the Semi Final of the tournament and remember how bad it felt even as a child so to miss as a professional and maybe feeling you have let a club and fans down you cannot even compare, but that’s football and that’s the game we love.

Well Done Cardiff for getting as far as you have ! (and you never know, if Liverpool qualify for the Europa as a league position then Cardiff will be joining them in the Europa League next season and still have a great chance of promotion , so it isn’t all doom and gloom. !


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